Economic intelligence unit

Building capacity of unit to provide intelligence from available data

Support to European Union-Zambia Business Club

Accompany the European Union-Zambia Business Club (EUZBC) during a transition phase to carry out its activities and improve its services to members. Prepare an operational strategy and review the governance structure to enable the Club to achieve financial sustainability and institutional consolidation.

Mutual recognition framework for pre-packaged food

Part of a wide-ranging request for support. Aim is to facilitate trade of food products within the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

Development of an anti-illicit trade policy for the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)

Aims to help sustain investment competitiveness in the manufacturing sector. The policy will propose implementation frameworks for countries in legislation, enforcement and consumer action.

Support for regional cooperation projects on women's entrepreneurship

Drafting and planning regional cooperation projects for the Indian-Ocean-Caribbean (IOC) region aimed at fostering women's entrepreneurship in multiple sectors

Support for National Waste Agency conference on WM in Angola

Africa RISE participated in the  the National Waste Conference, held by the National Waste Agency on the 30th and 31st of January 2023, to raise awareness and develop strategies for an integrated resolution of the waste problem. The conference involved the active participation of provincial governments, municipal administrations, public and private bodies, and the general population.


Democratic Republic of Congo
Start-up act implementation support

To support Congolese entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders, Africa RISE has launched a project to support implementation measures related to the DRC Start-up Act. The expected result of this assignment is to  a comprehensive set of measures for the successful implementation of the Startup Act, covering practical, technical, fiscal, and regulatory actions to be taken by national, provincial, and local government ministries, departments, and agencies.

Promoting investment and business climate reforms in Botswana’s ICT sector

The objective of this activity is to undertake an assessment of the Botswana ICT sector with the aim of identifying investment opportunities in & [increase] export potential of digital technologies/IT solutions.

E-commerce readiness assessment for Eswatini

The objective of the assessment is to provide a comprehensive diagnostic of the country’s ecommerce ecosystem, mainly highlighting strengths and weaknesses.