Tourism sector development in Eswatini

A study into the economic impact of tourism, COVID-19 impact on tourism and a recovery & business plan for the hospitality association

Support to Water Service Providers

Advisory Services to engage National and County governments on Policy and Advocacy matters that should result in favourable conditions for distribution of clean and affordable water to all citizens

Productive Use of Renewable Energy

A market intelligence survey to develop relevant business models and appropriate European Union interventions. Design of a programme that can be practically implemented, taking into account European Union procurement rules.

Anti-corruption support

1. review of regulatory and institutional framework of anti-corruption agencies.

2. Assessment of information system requirements to support improved performance.

3. Determination of cost-benefit of a new purpose-built office building for the agencies.

Business environment reform

Support to the European Union Degelation for an action document to improve the business environment.

Gender Equality in the Investment and Finance sector

a) research in Mauritius;

(b) analysis of the existing framework and identify the areas which act as hindrance to gender parity;

(c) make recommendations based on gaps identified in Mauritius and international best practices; (d) assist the Association in drafting plans that can be rolled out to allow sustainable improvement;

(e) develop policy briefs for dialogue with government and private sector on gender parity

Development of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals

Prepare a Strategy to help the country become a Regional Medical Hub Improve the value propositions which will serve as basis for negotiation with existing overseas manufacturing firms Establish contacts with European partners willing to set up manufacturing plants in Mauritius, for supply of vaccines & pharmaceutical products in Africa and assist in engaging with these partners

Feasibility study for a pyrolysis platform in the port of Beira

The Mozambican Recycling Association wishes to install a pyrolysis plant in the port of Beira. The waste plastic to fuel platform can convert all kind of waste plastics to high-value end products, such as pyro oil. This can then be sold to boats and shipping companies.

Improvement of municipal solid waste management services through the strengthening of Public Private Dialogue (PPD)

Public Private Dialogue focusing on municipal authorities and national electricity utility to reduce commission charged by the latter for collection of consumer payments.